Taking The First Step

March 13th, 2021

Universal Studios in California…..have you been there? Well, my eight year old son challenged me to climb all the flights of stairs with him up to the top of the next level of the theme park instead of riding the beautiful and seductive escalators to the top. To those of you who have been to this theme park, you know that there’s a whole heck of a lot of stairs to the next level. I remember thinking to myself of how many flights of stairs that would actually be and my legs and heart started wavering just at the thought. I remember wanting to immediately respond to my son by saying, “Oh bud, that’s a cute idea, but I will have to give you a “hard pass” on that little adventure.” However, instead of responding immediately, I thought, “Well, maybe I will just do one of the flights of stairs and then call it good and my motherly duties will be fulfilled. To my suprise, that flight of stairs went by easily! I was more powerful and stronger than I thought! So then, I took the next flight of stairs with even more confidence and gusto then before……and the next flight and then the next…….and then, we were at the top. I couldn’t believe it when I turned around and looked back at how far of a climb we had accomplished together and the view of accomplishment that really was.

I feel like this analogy can be utilized to describe how often clients can feel at the beginning of their own therapy process. Sometimes, when a couple, family, or an individual first starts therapy, they are looking at all the “flights of stairs” (or ALL of the issues) they are wanting to address and conquer with this professionally guided process.
However, what I wish as the therapist is for my clients to have the courage to just take that first step in their therapy process and just see where things go from there. Oftentimes, they start climbing their own personal steps in leaps and bounds and we are all amazed at their personal progress and accomplishments. At the termination of treatment, it is a professional privilege to “look back” with my clients at their own magnificent view of how far they have actually come during their own personal journey of healing.
If you are personally ready to take this ‘first step’ on your own therapeutic journey, please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with us today. Our therapists at Insight Relationship Institute are anxious and excited to participate in this journey with you. Sometimes, that first step is just picking up the phone and making that initial call. 480-535-0009